Cyber Security

The cyber security platform is evolving at a faster pace than many Companies are prepared for. Cyber Hackers continue to create ingenious ways to gain access to a company’s network and steal sensitive information such as client data, financial information, intellectual property, and employee records.

Cyber-attacks have increased from 55 percent to 61 percent in the past 12 months.

As soon as a business identifies or detects a potential security incident, another one pops up. Unfortunately, identifying and detecting security incidents and vulnerabilities throughout an entire company can mean a lot of time and money spent on employing tactics and hiring security personnel to protect assets.

This option might work well for some companies, but does this make sense for ones with a tight budget?

Here are 3 advantages of outsourcing your cyber security to Cyboar.

1. Cost & Time Savings

The cost of hiring seasoned professionals to tackle the complexity of the threat landscape has become expensive, some companies lack the time and capability for training. Outsourcing cyber security is a proven cost-effective way to manage cyber risks in your business. Cyboar offers state-of-the-art technologies, experienced security professionals, and strategic consulting that thoroughly assesses your company’s current situation and manages your security needs, from spam filtering in email to monitoring and threat protection.

2. Specialised Security Expertise

Cyboar has security experts that are constantly trained in the cyber risks that businesses experience, we know the latest trends in hacking and emerging threats. Our professionals have in-depth expertise and experience in securing businesses through bespoke services and solutions

3. Managed Cyber Risk

At Cyboar, we believe that ‘Cyber risk is a business risk’ and therefore cyber security should be managed as a business problem. Outsourcing your cyber security to Cyboar allows for a complete view of every area that could be a potential risk for cyber-attacks. Cyboar can offer benefits such as qualitative and quantitative scanning of vulnerabilities, end-point threats, and configurations in your businesses systems, networks, and apps to manage the cyber risk.

Our ongoing services ensure your resilience measures keep pace with the ever-changing methods of cyber criminals.

How would your business stand up against a Cyber attack?

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